Design Services

Strands of Silver Co. can complete architectural illustrations, as well as renderings of interiors and exteriors (including hand renderings).

Our interior design specialists are experts at space planning, and can help you develop or refine furniture layouts. In a professional work environment, a layout plan can help utilized office space efficiently to create a seamless workflow experience.

We have worked with private individuals, corporate offices, and property developers to create and perfect their designs based on exact client needs and specifications.

Additionally, we can produce a custom-designed presentation board to showcase work for your clients/visitors or maximize impact among your employees.

About our Agency

​Our team provides a range of creative services for those seeking quality in the design experience from start to finish. All of our graphic designers, copywriters, photogr-aphers, videographers, AV producers, and sound experts have proven themselves in their respective fields and are ready to bring their talents to your service.

USA Headquarters

3420 Rusk St., Suite 33, Houston, TX 77003


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