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The Strands of Silver Co. team can shoot and produce product commercials, explainer videos, and music videos to meet all your marketing needs.

We know that every video tells a story. Experienced videographers can manipulate angles, lighting, and camera/lens type to deliver a product with the right feel to tell the story of your product, service, or creative endeavor. This is where Strands of Silver Co. has the advantage.

We also know that a well-shot video is only half the job! Professional editing is critical to delivering a video that is the ideal length for maximum viewer impact and includes high-quality synced audio. At Strands of Silver Co., we produce expert-quality product or real estate commercials optimized for the web or TV, as well as music videos for artists and creatives in the Houston community.



Marketing & Design

Our team has unique experience in the real estate industry, so you can rest assured that we understand your market, clientele, and specific needs. We can ensure your custom-designed materials are accented by striking copy and attention-grabbing signage that will make a positive impact on your readers and viewers. Collateral materials from Strands of Silver Co. are designed to stay with your clients, and make them want to visit your property again!


Strands of Silver Co. services for real estate professionals include custom branding packages, stunning graphic designs for business cards and direct mail campaigns, yard and open house signage, brochures, open house flyers to drive traffic, and custom folder designs. For all printed materials, we partner with respected local printers to ensure a quality experience from design to final delivery. ​



Design & Printing

Branding is where design merges with marketing. At Strands of Silver Co., we use the right design elements along with carefully considered copy to create the maximum impact for your brand. For all your graphic design and marketing material needs, we can provide a solution that is memorable and visually stunning.

We can even print custom material to make your marketing effort stand apart from the rest. A combination of top-notch graphics and high-quality materials is enough to sway anyone you hand your swag to!


& Keyword Research


The right copy for your brand can give you the clear benefits of SEO while creating a lasting impression on your visitors. This is where a good copywriter comes into play!


At Strands of Silver Co., we analyze keywords relevant to your business to increase SEO rankings from the start. After doing our keyword research homework, our wordsmiths create custom copy that gets your website as many meaningful visits as possible. Tailored descriptions for all your products or services will be written in your brand’s voice, helping ensure your clients feel connected and creating an increased, sustainable revenue stream for your business. Our marketing copywriters have years of experience in making the right kinds of emotional connections with readers with copy that speaks volumes about your brand.


Strands of Silver Co. can even take your copy to the next level with SEO analytics. We’ll monitor your keywords and issue custom reports of how each piece of your content is performing, so you can edit as necessary to make sure you stay ahead of the game.


Below are a few site samples of how our copywriters create the brand's voice!

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