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Your website is your chance to make a great first impression on potential clients. Almost anyone can use a simple template, but Strands of Silver Co. takes customization to the next level by designing a unique website that suits your specific business or personal needs. We focus on bespoke web design so your site will stand out upon first viewing and continually convert casual visitors into paying, repeat customers.


When it comes to SEO, we know great copy on every page and custom product/service descriptions give your business an edge. Working with Strands of Silver Co. is your chance to get ahead of the competition – and stay at the top!

Psalm's Arts Studio

One of Houston's Top Mobile Paint & Sip businesses contacted us to from day one to brand their company, create their logo, and design their website.


We incorporated live video and professional 

photography throughout their site produced by our professional team of photographers and videographers. We worked with our Copywriter and Digital Marketing Manager to strategically select keywords and incorporate them into the copy to improve their SEO ratings. 

Alexandra Torres | Realtor®


Alexandra Torres with J. Lindsey Properties decided she wanted to create a clean and direct blog to better assist those looking for apartments. 


She noticed not many people were aware of the specials and savings they could get when working with an apartment locator. Alexandra was raised in the real estate industry and was the daughter of one of Houston's Top 25 Realtors, Carlos Torres. In addition, he was one of Remax's top producers.


After her dad passed away she decided she wanted to share the knowledge he imparted to her over so many years and help others feel confident whether renting, selling, or purchasing a home! 

Jenifer's of Australia


Jenifer's of Australia spa asked us to give their previous website a "facelift." We revamped their website and made it more user friendly. Since then Jenifer has gotten more traffic and inquiries on her website. She was very pleased with the results. 


Jenifer’s of Australia specializes in the total science of skin and body care for women and men. Journey through a world of exquisite aromas and sensations that find their power in nature using essential oils, plants, and sea extracts.

Strom Rinzen

Strom Rinzen's owner Torie Halbert is a very talented award winning Interior Designer / Accessory Designer. 

She contacted us to create an ecommerce site that would showcase her beautiful purses, belts, furnishings, and t-shirts allowing opportunity for future conversions. 

In addition, our very talented team of photographers took a majority of the product images on the website featured against decorative cream wood panels. We also had the opportunity to photograph the 2017 & 2018 Houston Rodeo backstage setup.  

Ashley Kahn

When we met Ashley she was in need of redesigning her website. In addition, we worked on polishing her 

brand as well as establishing it's look.

We incorporated live video and professional photography throughout her site. We worked with her discussing ways to achieve an online presence that would help her stand out from her competitors.

Clarity Direct Care

We worked with Clarity Direct Care with creating their logo, positioning their brand and creating their website. 


Clarity Direct Care makes your health their number one priority, by removing the middle men, making care affordable, accessible, and valuable, and restoring trust, open communication, and the personal relationship with your doctor. 

Totoe Medical Group

We worked with Totoe Medical Group with creating their logo, positioning their brand and creating their website. 


Tote Medical Group believes the best medical treatment comes from good one-on-one interaction. They have eliminated the middleman, which affords them the time to provide you personalized, quality, accessible, and affordable primary care.

Iglesia Agua Viva

We worked with Iglesia Agua Vivia with creating their logo, positioning their brand and creating their website. 


Iglesia Agua Vivia is located in Yucaipa, CA. Pastor Ray Sanchez and his wife Laura Sanchez feel privileged to spread the gospel in their community. 

Angle Insights

We worked with Angle Insights with helping refine their brand and redesigning their website.

We also worked with our Copywriter and Digital Marketing Manager to strategically select keywords and incorporate them into the copy to help increase SEO ratings.

Trailer World Katy

Trailer World Katy was taken over by new owners who asked us to create their brand and assist them with their online presence. 

From the logo design to web design we focused on creating a brand that clearly stated who they are. We created a user friendly website that would not only showcase their product but also allow potential customers to find them as well as connect with their establishment. 

Practical Real Estate Texas

When our client came to us she wanted a blog to better inform her clients and the general public regarding helpful real estate tips. 


Practical Real Estate Texas is a forum for discussion on the practical aspects of real estate law in Texas and how it impacts those involved in the industry. While the focus is on true real estate issues, it also covers how relating general business issues effect those businesses in the real estate industry.

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